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2020: Lockdown was the king

it is important to know that the first real steps into the art world were taken during the 2020 lockdown.
Before that period there were a few occasions where I developed something that could be described as “artistic”, but they were small moments, exceptions.

I made two spot projects, in 2016 e 2017 just for fan which were exhibited in some small gallery:
one with my friend Yuri and one with a Portuguese photographer.
Beautiful experiences, only for fun.

In 2019 there were two occasions that made me think: the request to make the visuals for Sonar OFF by dj Maceo Plex, the request from the municipality of Genoa to develop cartoons for the city’s Christmas and the writing of a theatrical show for the Genoa aquarium.
They Were hard but very happy experiences.

But it was only when I was confined to the house that I made the decision to really try to do something in art. A captivity necessary to learn the importance of time, the greatest value that must not be wasted.

“Life is that thing that goes by while you’re busy doing other things”

I really tried every day to figure out what I could do and if what I was doing could have any value.

This research still continues, but I believe and hope that I have started a road. and this is already a good goal.

I know this is not a real News, but if you are still reading you want know my story and I think that knowing the starting point is really important to understand everything