Nft worldwide billboard exhibition 2022/2023

New York, Miami, Hong Kong, Seoul

screenshot of Artwork exhibited in Miami 2022

with Art Innovation gallery

Melkio è uno degli artisti Art Innovation Gallery che propone esposizioni pubbliche in giro per il mondo.
Qui sotto una panoramica delle esposizioni 2022 / 2023

Melkio is one of the Art Innovation Gallery artists who offer public exhibitions around the world.
Below is an overview of the 2022 / 2023 exhibitions

New York

Artwork exhibited in Time Square – September 2022

2023: The Pixel Show

Date: dal 15 al 21 Maggio, durante Freeze
Mostra su Ledwall a Time Square

Dates: from 15th to 21rd May, during Freeze.
Exhibit on led wall at Tine Square. 

A Thought about the 2023: Wars and climate change escalations.

2022: The Pixel Show

Date: dal 8 al 10 Settembre, durante The Armory Show.
Mostra su doppio ledwall a Time Square.
Dates: from 8th to 10th September, during The Armory Show.
Exhibit on double led wall at Tine Square.

A new order out of chaos confuses the artificial with the natural, but without one of the two parts nothing really exists.

Hong Kong

Video from Hong Kong Billboard

2023: The sound of pixel
with Art Innovation Gallery

Date: dal 17 al 23 Marzo, durante Art Basel.
Mostra su gigantesco billboard (oltre 70 metri) acustico

Dates: from 17th to 23rd March, during Art Basel.
Exhibition on huge billboard ( over 70 meters) acoustic 

Hyperbolic vision of the essence of humanity with a dystopian flavor of a parallel dimension.


2023: Double interface
with Art Innovation Gallery

Date: dal 4 al 10 Settembre, durante Freeze
Mostra Nft su doppio schermo nel centro di Seoul

Special preview of the artwork that will be exhibited in the space.

Dates: from 4 to 10 September, during the Freeze
Double screen NFT display in central Seoul


Water is the essence of life and it is what makes our planet so rare and unique in the Solar System. However, in the new millennium we are facing unprecedented challenges connected to water.
Today more than ever we have a mission: safeguarding Earth’s water resources and guarantee universal access to it.
Water is an ancient element and it’s often taken for granted, nonetheless it still represents the core of all things on our planet and in our aspirations for space exploration. Artwork in collaboration with: WAMI, Water with a mission.


2022: Floating Pixel
with Art Innovation Gallery

Date: dal 1 al 3 Dicembre, durante Art Basel
Mostra Nft su schermo applicato ad un imbarcazione attraverso la baia di Miami Beach

Dates: from 1st to 3rd December, during Art Basel exhibition NFT on screen applied to a boat across Miami Beach 

Generation battle is showing off the differences between two communication styles. The past and present, The words and emojis, The voice and smartphone. Nobody wins, because despite the tools and the methods, The power of the language, The power of the message itself, remains always the same.