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Melkio was born in Genoa, Italy, in 1984 and has always been drawing. What this “always” means is Melkio himself who explains it: “for as long as I can remember it, but I have always thrown everything away… I made the drawing, 
then away in the garbage. For me it was so natural that it made no sense to keep them ”.
In 2020, during the lockdown, his artistic career begins. His artistic career has grown in symbiosis with an imaginary, which we could define in constant expansion.
His projects, characters and works communicate through a decisive and “narrative” line.

His projects, characters and works communicate through a decisive and “narrative” line.

Few color, just a little bit more than black and white, strong stroke lines for a simply but big impact artworks.

The works are designed to underline the overall shape, at the service of a strongly surreal, romantic and hyper-unrealistic language.

His characters represent their cliché but also their opposite. They dialogue in single scenes or in large doodle panoramas, creating tales from the childhood soul to speak .

the works are metaphors of timeless topics but also a mirror of our contemporaneity.

Not only canvas

His style and his characters are declinate in different shapes and media.

Video animation for NFT art

He also play with photos to create special scenes printed in Screeenprints


Past Exhibition

  • 2022 – December – Art innovation Gallery – Floating Pixel exhibition – MIAMI BEACH (US)
  • 2022 – October – Dynamo Camp Exhibition – PISTOIA (IT)
  • 2022 – September – Art Innovation Gallery – Nft Billboard exhibition, Time Square – NEW YORK (US)
  • 2022 – April – Unfair with Galleria Legart – MILANO (IT)